Some Useful Maps of Iceland

Date 12 May 2020

Some Useful Maps of Iceland

Some Useful Maps of Iceland

When you start planning a trip to Iceland it's never easy to know where to start. That's where we come in! The various interactive maps on the site were designed to help travelers build their itinerary according to tourist site and activity of choice.

Here you can see all the maps available on site in a convenient list. Bookmark this page to find all your top points of interest and plan your trip, and there are still more maps to come!

This basic map is a downloadable royalty-free image file that provides an overview of the country.

The interactive map of tourist sites

Carte des points d'intérêts d'Islande

Map of points of interest in Iceland

The interactive map of tourist sites by region is the most frequently used by visitors on the site.

With more than 250 points of interest (cities, tourist sites, articles, hikes...), it is the most complete map to build an itinerary.

Once the region of Iceland has been selected, click on the corresponding point of interest to link to the dedicated article.

The map is particularly useful for travelers who plan to focus on a particular region for a short stay.

The interactive map of hikes and treks

Carte des randonnées et treks d'Islande

Map of hikes and treks in Iceland

This convenient map of Iceland's hikes and treks is updated several times a month and lets you zoom in on hiking trails all over Iceland and click through to the dedicated article about the trail.

The interactive map of volcanoes

Carte des volcans d'Islande

Map of the volcanoes of Iceland

The map of Iceland's volcanoes references all the volcanoes in the country.

The interactive map of gas stations

Carte des stations essence d'Islande

Map of gas stations in Iceland

The Iceland gas stations map lists all the gas stations which can be quite rare in some areas, so this map can really save your life when you're visiting certain regions.

The interactive map of the cities of Iceland

Carte des principales villes d'Islande

Map of the main cities of Iceland

The map of Iceland's cities and regions lists all the major cities in the country. Use this to locate the closest urban centers to get supplies during your roadtrip.

Iceland's hot springs map

Carte des sources chaudes d'Islande

Map of Iceland's hot springs

Another map that gets many visitors on our site is the Iceland hot springs map, which as the name suggests provides an overview of the various hot springs and at any point in your itinirary you can find out if there is a hot spring nearby.

These springs are either man-made pools in resorts or completely natural springwaters in the wilderness.

By clicking on a hot spring on the map, information will pop up with a short description, the GPS coordinates, and sometimes a click through to the dedicated article for that spring.

Iceland Location Search

Rechercher les lieux d'intérêts à proximité d'un lieu d'Islande

Map to find places of interest near a location in Iceland

This search function is designed for map locations so you can see a list of all the major points of interest in a 50 km radius around the searched city. It's a great function for an overnight stay somewhere, or when you have a city in mind to visit.

The International Photographer map

Carte International Photographer Islande

Iceland International Photographer map

Finally, the International Photographer map is the tourist map in paper format, created by Michael Levy.