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Flying to Iceland

Date 01 February 2021

Flying to Iceland

Flying to Iceland

Iceland is only a little over 3H by plane from Paris, 3H15 from Brussels and 3H30 from Geneva, so it can be a great option even for a very short stay such as a long weekend for example. Flying is clearly the easiest and cheapest way to get to Iceland.

Several airlines fly to Iceland from France, Switzerland, or Belgium.

Airlines to fly to Iceland

Avion Icelandair

An Icelandair plane

Icelandair is the most famous and regular airline  to and from the island. You'll see more than enough flights in both winter and summer from many major European cities including Paris, Brussels, Zurich, or Geneva.

Launched in 1937, Icelandair is the most famous airline in the region with daily departures from France (Paris), Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich) or Belgium (Brussels).

Low Cost airlines

WOWAir offered summer flights to Iceland but unfortunately it went bankrupt in 2019.

Transavia and Easyjet also offer flights to Iceland. Transavia offers summer flights from Paris and Nantes, while Easyjet had a regular line from Geneva and Mulhouse/Bale but seems to have stopped offering them since 2020.

Since 2021, a new airline, Play, is offering a Paris-Reykjavik connection.

Like all so-called “low-cost” airlines, the prices shown do not include checked baggage or meals.

How to choose the right airline company

Avion Islande

The main criteria when you pick an airline will be:

  • The departure airport 
  • The cost of a return flight
  • The frequency of flights
  • Airline services and reliability

Which airport to fly from

Aéroport Keflavik

Keflavik Airport - Credit:

Not every airline offers departures from the same airports. It should also be noted that Icelandair offers a trip to Akureyri with a stopover in Keflavik.

Here are the departure airports for each airline departing from France, Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland:


  • France: Paris CDG (direct)
  • France: Orly (direct)
  • France: Lyon (1 stopover)
  • France: Marseille (1 stopover)
  • Switzerland: Zurich (direct)
  • Switzerland: Geneva (1 stopover)
  • Belgium: Brussels (direct)
  • Canada: Montreal (direct)
  • Canada: Toronto (direct)


  • France: Orly (direct)


  • France: Paris CDG (direct)

Flight prices (2021)

Avion pour l'Islande

The average for a return trip from Paris, Brussels, or Geneva for an adult ranges between 200 and €500 depending on the period. The prices are obviously very variable and change regularly.

The base rate at Icelandair, for example, for a return ticket for summer 2021 is €289 for an adult. The new company Play offers prices around €225 but does not include any options or luggage.

These are prices for direct flights, so factor in higher prices for connecting flights.

Frequency and duration of flights

Atterrissage avion Icelandair

The travel time for a direct flight to Iceland is 3H30 from Paris, with daily flights from Paris in winter and summer. From Belgium, count approximately 3H15 while from Zurich it is 3H50.

In addition to the price, the other factor when choosing an airline is the frequency of the flights. Transavia offers direct flights from Paris Orly to Reykjavik three times a week. Play only offers flights during the summer period, but these are daily.

Since March 2016, for its part, Icelandair has inaugurated its brand new Orly Airport connection, which means the airline now offers no less than 23 flights per week, 17 from Charles de Gaulle and 6 from Orly.

Example for an Icelandair flight:

In August, from Paris, Icelandair, by direct flight:

From Paris Charles de Gaulle:

  • Departure at 8AM from Paris Charles de Gaulle — Arrival in Keflavik at 09:30 (local time)
  • Departure at 2:15PM from Paris CDG — Arrival in Keflavik at 3:45PM

In December, from Paris, Icelandair, by direct flight:

  • Departure at 1:20PM from Paris CDG — Arrival in Keflavik at 03:50PM (local time)

From Paris Orly:

  • Departure from Orly at 2:10PM — Arrival in Reykjavík at 3:45PM (local time)
  • Departure from Reykjavík at 7:45AM — Arrival in Orly at 1:10PM (local time)

Services offered

Avion Icelandair

The various airlines arrive at Keflavik International Airport (KEF). From there, most travelers pick up a rental car directly at the airport or use the Flybus to travel the 50 km to the capital.

Icelandair is the preferred airline for the vast majority of travelers visiting Iceland. The company celebrated its 85th anniversary in 2022, so Icelandair is a reliable and proven airline.

Through Icelandair, you can check in online or via a smartphone app upto 36 hours before departure. For children as well as adults, there is also a free entertainment system on board (movies, cartoons, music...). Checked baggage is included for each passenger up to 23 kg and you can even choose your seat on the plane subject to availability.

With “low-cost” companies Transavia and Play, checked baggage is optional and at extra cost.