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Youth hostels in Iceland

Date 18 February 2020

Youth hostels in Iceland

Youth hostels in Iceland

Youth hostels can be a great option for budget accommodation in Iceland. There are about thirty establishments throughout the country, and they are spread out, so you can make reservations according to your itinerary and optimize your trip.

Useful information about youth hostels

Les auberges de jeunesse en Islande

In Iceland the level of quality is generally quite high with some great amenities and services. Prices range between 4000 and 11000 ISK per person, and services may vary from one hostel to another depending on their size, but frequently breakfast is possible (for a fee) and a kitchen is available to customers. The cost difference is reflected in having private as opposed to common rooms.

Opening times are a factor to consider, as you will find that while youth hostels in Reykjavík are open 24 hours a day, this won't always be the case in smaller or less touristic cities, and some hostels may even be closed for a few hours during the day. Similarly, while most hostels are open all year round, some smaller hostels only open seasonally.

In general, check-in is between 7 am and 10 am and check-out procedures between 5 pm and 10.30 pm. And keep in mind that many hostels have made the necessary arrangements to facilitate access to people with reduced mobility. While this accessibility is increasingly frequent, you should still check with the establishment before booking, as, despite the best intentions, many of them are historic buildings more difficult to adapt.

Average price for a single room in Vagnsstaðir:

  • In summer: 5,100 ISK in a shared room for 1 person, 22,500 ISK for 2 people in a private room
  • In winter: 4,200 ISK in a shared room for 1 person, 19,700 ISK for 2 people in a private room

Amenities in Iceland's youth hostels

Les auberges de jeunesse en Islande

Youth hostels in general have a historic reputation of being uncomfortable in large dormitories withzero privacy, but this has change quite a bit and most in Iceland even offer single rooms or rooms for two to four people just like a hotel.

There are two formats for overnight stays:

  • Overnight stays in dorms: between 4 and 8 people most of the time
  • Overnight stays in a private room: alone or accompanied

As far as amenities are concerned, you'll generally find the following:

  • Breakfast option
  • Shared WC and shower
  • Sheets provided upon request, but you can also use the SBA (Sleeping Bag Accommodation) format to save money
  • Cushions and blankets provided
  • Towels upon request
  • Snacks
  • Kitchen access

When it comes to your personal belongings, in addition to a big locked luggage room, many hostels have individual lockers, just remember to bring a padlock in case you want to leave valuables and there is none to close it.

And finally, a great point, you may even be allowed to bring your pets. Some hostels allow this but, once again, you'll really need to inquire before making your reservation. Many youth hostels are listed here because they are HI certified, but that doesn't mean that other youth hostels are  necessarily worse! 

You don't have to bring bulky comforters in your luggage, sheets can also be rented in most hostels. On the other hand, do not forget your towels, as while they are sometimes provided you can't count on it. And as a nice “Nordic” bonus, some hostels have saunas.

On you will find a detailed description of most hostels with amenities, possible activities, available rooms, and opening times. Another detail, remember to inform the managers if you plan to arrive after 18:00, as they are not staffed 24/7.

The site has many photos of the hostels, a detailed map to get to them, detailed descriptions, but also the ratings and comments of travelers who have stayed there. also offers a wide selection of youth hostels all around the island, even in the most far-flung corners.

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