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Boat Travel to Iceland

Date 19 June 2019

Boat Travel to Iceland

Boat Travel to Iceland

Most travelers prefer to fly to Iceland, but there is always the sea route if you are feeling adventurous. Smyrilline is the company that connects Denmark and Iceland on board the “Norröna”.

You can take the ferry from Hirtshals in northern Denmark to disembark in the eastern fjords of Iceland at Seyðisfjörður. Arriving at the eastern Fjords via the Norröna is absolutely unforgettable as the superb landscape rolls by from the deck of the ship.

The ferry trip on the Norröna

The Smyrilline company sails to Iceland from February to November once a week and even twice a week during the summer. The Norröna can accommodate around 1500 people and no less than 800 vehicles. The company has revamped its offer recently with two options:

  • A 5-day trip from Hirtshals to Seyðisfjörður with a 2-day stopover in the Faroe Islands in Tórshavn
  • A more direct 2-day trip from Hirtshals to Seyðisfjörður

The trip aboard the Norröna is a relaxed and pleasant affair, and you can find all schedules and routes on the Smyrilline website.

Here is an example for 2020:

  • 5-day trip with stopover in the Faroe Islands

Trajet en ferry avec escale

  • Direct trip

Trajet en ferry sansescale

You can now travel to Iceland by boat in less than two days!

Why take a ferry to Iceland?

  • The main advantage of coming to Iceland on the Norröna is that you can bring your own vehicle. This is ideal for travelers who, for example, want to take their own camper or 4x4 to Iceland. Renting a vehicle in Iceland can be very expensive, so this may be a great alternative.
  • Some travelers have a fear of flying but dream of going to Iceland, so boating is a good option for them.
  • It's the only way to get to Iceland from the East!
  • Finally, you can book a ferry with a stopover in the Faroe Islands!

Ferry rates

Coming to Iceland by boat, as did the vikings of yore, is in fact quite expensive... So you'll need to calculate everything carefully:

  • Subtract car rental if you are bringing your own vehicle
  • Subtract the price of the plane tickets you would have paid
  • Subtract any airport parking costs upon departure

Specific rates are listed on the Smyrilline website and depend on:

  • The time of the year
  • Whether you driving and what type of vehicle
  • The number of meals booked
  • The type of cabin

Example: departure on 05/09/2020 and return two weeks later, charged €2,400:

  • 2 adults
  • A Peugeot 3008 type vehicle
  • A cabin without a porthole with two single beds
  • Breakfast for two adults without lunch