10 days in july

Date 27 June 2012

10 days in july

10 days in july

This year, our 5th trip to Iceland, we decided to do the tour again but this time crossing the country to discover sites that we knew little or nothing about. Also, it was a chance to see places that we loved but couldn't enjoy due to the poor weather.


As usual, we left Paris via the Icelandair Flight at 2:15PM for a 3-hour flight to Keflavik, a peaceful journey with sunshine all the way, arriving at Keflavik airport without delay.

Car Rental at Blue Car Rental

On arrival, Magnus from Blue Car Rental was waiting for us in the airport arrival hall to hand over the Suzuki Jimny that would carry us along the rough roads of Iceland.

The Blue Car Rental headquarters were 5 kilometers from the airport, so Magnus picked us up directly in the airport hall with a small sign for us to recognize him. The welcome from Magnus was very nice; he showed us the vehicle parked in the airport car park, asked us about our route, and advised us on certain areas with warnings that some roads required particular caution.

For the return trip (very early in the morning  for the 7:00AM flight...) we simply had to park the car in the same place, and someone from Blue Car Rental would be there to walk around the vehicle and make sure with us that there were no problems.

11 days around Iceland

We were all set to get out there for 11 days across Iceland. The weather was magnificent, the temperature was 18 °C, which was unexpected so we decided to stop at the Blue Lagoon, and that's when we really realized that this year was a very special year for tourism in Iceland...

The car park was crowded, with 6 or 7 tourist buses (mostly French for that matter...). This did not prevent us from enjoying it well with the bright sun even if, as a result, we only stayed for a short time. At 05:30PM, we left for Reykjavik to put our things at the guesthouse (Sunna) where we slept, right next to Hallgrímskirkja in the center of the city.

The welcome was friendly, and the guesthouse was really close to Laugavegur Street, about 10 minutes from the cathedral, and a stone's throw from the “Café Loki” where we went and enjoyed excellent Scandinavian smorrebrod.