The Road to the East Fjords

Date 02 July 2012

The Road to the East Fjords

The Road to the East Fjords

The sun was back today with clear skies so after a quick stop at Goðafoss, we went back to Myvatn to take some photos of the lake but also of Vindbelgur and Hverfell. After filling up the fuel tank in Reykjavlið, we headed towards Dettifoss via the “repaved road”.

It took less than 15 minutes from the parking lot to get to the waterfall, Dettifoss. It truly is the most impressive waterfall in Iceland, the flow is just breathtaking, and if you climb the rocks to observe it from above, the people walking alongside it gives you a sense of the sheer scale of this monument...

Bakkargedi and the East Fjords

Borgarfjordur Eystri

After walking through Selfoss on the way back to the car park, we headed back east. Around noon we arrived near Egilsstaðir, time for our picnic after which we decided to go for a trip to Bakkagerði as we really liked this fjord during one of our first trips to Iceland.

So we set off on the long and winding Road 94, and that's when we realized that the Jimny was really excellent at short bursts of speed and very efficient in fords, but on the other hand it turned out to be useless at climbing...

Arriving in the fjord was absolutely magnificent, with several viewpoints to take in Borgarfjörður. On-site, we stopped at the superb “Álfa café”, had an Icelandic cake and a coffee, and then continued on the road to Aðalból where we slept in the evening. To reach Aðalból from road number 1 we took the 923, then the 910, and both made for a pleasant drive with us arriving at the guesthouse around 07:00PM.

Our hosts Kristrún and Sigurður (Chiki) welcomed us which was really nice, and we all ate together. They told us that they had become grandparents again about 1 hour ago, so a pretty good day for them.

Chiki was really pleasant and we talked at length about Askja where we were going the next day. He reassured me that with our Jimny, the few fords on the 910 should be no problem as long as we went slowly and were careful.

The meal was absolutely delicious, mutton of course, and a magnificent homemade cake for dessert, all accompanied by a magnificent Viking...

This guesthouse was definitely not like the others and was so warm and friendly, we really felt like friends sharing a good moment with Kristrún and Sigurður (and Carmen, the dog...) for one evening. Simply delightful.