From the East fjords to Jökulsarlòn

Date 03 July 2012

From the East fjords to Jökulsarlòn

From the East fjords to Jökulsarlòn

This morning, we woke up again to bright sunshine in the Seyðisfjorður fjord. After a hearty breakfast at the Aldan Hotel, we headed south via the numerous Eastern Fjords.

It was very pleasant with this sun to pass through these fjords and their colorful houses: Eskifjörður, Reyðarfjörður, Fráskrúðsfjörður...

The descent through the eastern fjords to Jökulsarlon


The descent through the eastern fjords to Jökulsarlon was a delightful experience. The blue of the sea contrasted with the green of the grass and the dozens of red, yellow, and blue houses... Simply superb. On road number 1 towards Höfn we met two herd of reindeer. They became frightened, of course, when they saw us getting out of our vehicle, but we were finally able to approach them within a few tens of meters, a distance close enough to take a few photos without causing too much drama.

It was in the early afternoon, around 03:00PM, that we arrived in Jökulsarlón. Our guesthouse, Farmholidays Gerdi, was about 7-8 km away and was well located and recently renovated, making it really very pleasant.

We took the opportunity to put some stuff down, and rather than going to Jökulsarlón where there were many buses in the parking lot, we decided to go instead to Fjallsarlón, a few kilometers away. Fjallsarlón is now signposted from Road number 1, which was not the case during our previous trips.

The place was as uncrowded as ever, and we stayed alone for a long time, admiring the numerous icebergs floating on the Fjallsarlón.

Jökulsarlon in the Evening


In the evening, we decided to go to Jökulsarlón to take some photos since we were only a few kilometers from the site, and there were much fewer people at this time of day. After a walk on the black sand beach in front of Jökulsarlón, we landed near the lake to take some photos of the icebergs with the soft late evening light.

In fact, we were lucky enough to witness a fairly rare solar phenomenon above the lake: a solar parhelion. I had never seen this kind of phenomenon, and the least we can say is that we didn't expect it! At first, when I saw a second "sun," I couldn't believe my eyes.

The seals playing between the icebergs made the place even more magical, a true haven of peace.