South Coast to Reykjavik

Date 05 July 2012

South Coast to Reykjavik

South Coast to Reykjavik

Today we returned to the capital, a bit sad to realize that the trip was already ending. Upon waking up, the weather was slightly cloudy. We had been spoiled with the weather, we must say that we had almost no rain throughout the stay, which was quite remarkable here, so we'd become quite picky about it.


On the way back, we stopped in Vík where we took a walk on the beautiful black sand beach. We then decided to go observe the birds perched on the high cliffs at the entrance to the village.

The trail was reserved exclusively for 4x4 vehicles, and the path was steep up the hillsides but from the top of the cliffs, the view was superb over the beaches and the village of Vík.

There were far fewer puffins than in other years, however. We saw them, of course, but from further away, and the seagulls were there in huge numbers. We left the village around noon and after a picnic break, we hit the road again. On the road, we saw an Arctic fox jumping between the mosse patches.

It was really impressive to see how fast these little foxes moved. It was completely unimaginable to approach them to take a photo because, in addition to being shy, these animals were too quick on their paws to keep in the frame.

The southern waterfalls

On the road, we then stopped to see Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss. We'd already visited them several times, so we only stayed there for a short visit and went back to the capital where we had decided to spend part of the afternoon.

Arriving in Reykjavík, the weather turned and a few drops of rain started to fall. We went to an Olìs station to refuel but also to wash the vehicle that we would return the next morning.

It was more than necessary, with the sandy roads of Askja, the Kjölur, and all the other dirt roads, the car was covered in dust and mud. In Reykjavík itself we enjoyed a long and winding walk on the streets of 101 (downtown district).

In the evening, we had dinner at the Loki café near our guesthouse with an excellent Icelandic plate: smoked trout, smoked lamb, and this kind of baked fish on various Icelandic breads: rye bread and flatbread, and last but not least... 3 small portions of the famous fermented shark. The server warned us that it was quite "strong" and we could confirm this was true...

For dessert, a Skyrr with rhubarb cake made the perfect cherry on top of a gorgeous meal.