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The Dynjandi Waterfall (Fjallfoss)

Date 05 November 2022

The Dynjandi Waterfall (Fjallfoss)

The Dynjandi Waterfall (Fjallfoss)

Deep in the western fjords lies the Dynjandi waterfall, also known as Fjallfoss. This is a true jewel in a region already brimming with beautiful landscapes.

Hidden in Arnarfjörður, a beautiful fjord in northwest Iceland, the Dynjandi waterfall is remote but really worth a detour if you're already visiting the fjords. Because of this remote location it's not as popular as others, like those featured in our article on the most beautiful falls in the country, but it is no less majestic.

How to get to Dynjandi

The beautiful Road 60 connects the southern Westfjords to Isafjörður further north. Drive along the maze of the Arnafjordur coastline into Dynjandisvögur Bay, and turn left on to the small Road 621 for about 1 kilometer to reach the site.

The dirt roads are in fairly good condition, so you don't need a 4x4 to get there. Like most roads in Vestfirdir, these are ofteny inaccessible during winter due to weather and road conditions.

Dynjandi is located less than 1.5 hours from Isafjörður, the capital of the fjords. Arriving down Route 60 and seeing the majestic waterfall that dominates the bottom of the fjord is something you won't soon forget.

Dynjandi: one of Iceland's hidden treasures


Photo Credit: Menno Schaefer @shutterstock

In addition to its natural beauty, Dynjandi is a colossal structure. 100 meters tall and unique in its shape, wider at the base than at the top, the water funnelled into 30 meters at the summit and flaring out as it cascades down to the 60 meters at its base.

The other particularity of the waterfall is its many levels, making it not 1 but 7 waterfalls! The name Fjallfoss (mountain waterfalls) refers to the whole multi-levelled structure, of which Dynjandi is the last and most impressive.

The sequence of waterfalls flows in the following order:

  • Bæjarfoss
  • Hundafoss
  • Hrísvaðsfoss
  • Göngumannafoss
  • Strompgljúfrafoss
  • Hæstahjallafoss
  • Dynjandifoss

The waters cascade and crash on shelves and plateaus along the mountain rock, a truly beautiful sight and even more photogenic than it sounds.

What to do there


Photo Credit: Po S @shutterstock

The small car park leads to a path up to Dynjandi, and it swings by the 6 other waterfalls so you can admire them all, a very well laid out trail.

It'll take 20 minutes to cover the 800 meters between the car park and Dynjandi, the main waterfall, which we warn you is incredibly loud. You can get very close to the water if you feel like it, but keep in mind you may get a little wet!

There are numerous viewpoints to take photos, but if you want to capture a nicely-framed shot of the fall in its entirety, it's best not to get too close.

The smaller cascades really add value to shots of the mighty Dynjandi, so keep that in mind. And for best results, Dynjandi really benefits from long exposure shots to get that blur effect, so remember to bring your camera tripod for stability.

Finally, it really improves your shot to have a subject in the foreground, so viewers can appreciate the scale of the Dynjandi waterfall, which is simply staggering.

Photo enthusiasts also recommend coming there in the afternoon because in the morning the bright sun will be backlighting the Dynjandi fall and darkens the interesting parts. The evening light hitting this rushing water is absolutely exceptional.

The trail to the foot of Dynjandi will be on the right side of the fall and there is a small promontory, so you can get right up to the water. You'll be taking the same path to get back from Dynjandi to the car park.

Top article photo credit: Jacinto Marabel Romo @shutterstock