The Hot Springs of the Vök Baths

Date 03 May 2020

The Hot Springs of the Vök Baths

The Hot Springs of the Vök Baths

Iceland is widely known for its hot springs, a blessing from the island's major geothermal activity.

The Vök Baths rely on geothermal energy from the Egilsstaðir region in eastern Iceland to provide visitors with an unforgettable spa experience.

The eastern region of Iceland doesn't have as many hot springs as the rest of the island, and this is one of the reasons for the appeal of the Vök Baths, which opened in summer 2019. Located on Lake Urriðavatn, northwest of Egilsstaðir, the Vök Baths offer the first floating pools in Iceland.

What are the Vök Baths?

Vök Baths

Like the Secret Lagoon near Fluðir, Myvatn Nature Baths, or the famous Blue LagoonVök Baths has become one of the best hot springs in the country.

The concept is very recent, a modern take on the outdoor spa, and was designed by the same architect who built the Blue Lagoon. The prime location of this geothermal resort in the heart of the crystal waters of Lake Urriðavatn makes it one of the most pleasant springs in the country.

About ten years ago, natural hot springs were discovered in Lake Urriðavatn when locals noticed that the snow did not cover the entire lake. A bit of research determined that hot springs gush hot water into the depths of the lake, with temperatures recorded around 75°.

In Iceland, when you see water that has not frozen in winter, there's a very good chance the explanation is a hot spring under water. Named “vök” by the Icelanders, the spa became the “Vök Baths”.

The Vök baths have a special feature that many will appreciate. Unlike most hot springs in Iceland where the stink of sulfur hangs everywhere, Vök is the exception, and even offers the only drinkable natural hot water in Iceland! You can indeed drink the spring water of Lake Urriðavatn, it is pure enough to be certified potable.

How to get there

Vök Baths

Located in eastern Iceland, right at the entrance to the Eastern Fjords, the Vök Baths are located 5 km north-east of Egilsstaðir. They are fairly easy to find and quite well indicated. In fact, starting from Egilsstaðir and heading north on the Ring road towards Akureyri, just stay on the road for just over 4 km after the town before turning right on 925, and you'll be there after a few hundred meters.

You can also get there by bus on line 56 that takes you from Akureyri to Egilsstadir.

Amenities, rates, and opening hours

Vök Baths

There are currently 3 pools at Vök Baths, but more will be added. There is a sauna for spa amateurs, and you can even swim in the cold waters of the lake for a bracing dip before returning to the hot waters.

Two floating pools large enough to accommodate a good dozen people, and a very large pool is located just near the changing rooms, ensure you won't be fighting for space.

Like any other swimming establishment, you need to swing through the changing rooms and showers before you can get to the pools. Then take the large wooden footbridges to get around the resort and get into the floating pools. The pools are large enough to give you a bit of privacy with only a few people, and this is the best way to really enjoy the absolutely breathtaking view of the lake and the surroundings.

The hotel also offers a café restaurant with various local specialties, and a bar since the establishment has a partnership with a local microbrewery “Austri Brugghús” which offers excellent craft beers.

For tea lovers, visitors can try local herbal teas and the water comes from the lake itself. A complementary cup of infused herbs is included with the entrance to the spa.

Opening hours

Vök Baths is open in winter and summer, with opening times that vary slightly depending on the time of year:

Opening hours from 05/01 to 09/30:

  • 11AM - 11PM

Opening hours from 10/01 to 04/30:

  • 12PM - 10PM


The Vök baths offer 3 options:

  • The standard formula includes entry to the pools and a hot cup of infused herbs.
  • The comfort package includes all of the above and a drink at the bar.
  • The premium package includes all of the above and tastings at the on-site restaurants.


  • Adult: 5000 ISK
  • Student, Senior: 2900 ISK
  • Teenager (6-16): 1800 ISK
  • Child (0-5): Free


  • Adult: 6890 ISK
  • Student, Senior: 5690 ISK
  • Teenager (6-16): 4190 ISK
  • Child (0-5): 1200 ISK


  • Adult: 9990 ISK
  • Student, Senior: 9190 ISK
  • Teenager (6-16): 7690 ISK
  • Child (0-5): 4700 ISK

Advance bookings are strongly recommended, especially during summer:

Vök Baths is a modern and very pleasant geothermal resort, quite unlike any other in eastern Iceland, and is becoming one of the top listed geothermal springs in the country. It would be a real shame to visit the region without stopping there!

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