The Geo Sea Hot Springs

Date 23 May 2020

The Geo Sea Hot Springs

The Geo Sea Hot Springs

Iceland is full of hot springs as the island's geothermal activity is a source of boundless thermal energy.

For centuries, the Húsavík region in northern Iceland has been the country's hotspot for geothermal heat and hot springs.

Residents rely on geothermally-heated water for their domestic needs, which is a great deal in terms of energy cost. A borehole at Húsavíkurhöfði last century allowed the discovery of not a hot springwater, but heated seawater too rich in minerals to be suitable for use such as heating homes.

Rather than let it go to waste, a genius came up with the idea of creating a geothermal resort similar to Myvatn Nature Baths or Vök Baths in the East.

What is GeoSea?

Bains de GeoSea

GeoSea is a geothermal complex inspired by the hot spring resorts that Iceland loves so much. GeoSea seawater therefore comes from two boreholes, one located near the Húsavíkurhöfði reserve and the other near the port of Húsavík.

Unlike the vast majority of other hot springs in Iceland, this is warm seawater, but it still has many health benefits for everyone to enjoy.

In fact, this water is known to soften the skin and has therapeutic properties that can provide much-needed relief to people suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis. The water temperature is generally between 38 and 39 °C.

The water is untreated and completely natural. The constant flow of water from one basin to another due to the sea's tidal movement guarantees the seawater never remains stagnant, and is perfectly in line with local health regulations.

The pools facing the sea are a real treat as you can admire the mountain range to the west and Skjalfandi Bay and the Arctic Circle on the horizon: an incredible panorama you won't soon forget.

How to get there

GeoSea is pretty easy to find. Located at the northern end of the city, GeoSea was established at the foot of the bright yellow Húsavíkurviti lighthouse.

To reach the spa from Husavik, take Road 85 and cross the city center of Husavik and then turn left 150 m after the beautiful church heading towards Höfðavegur street, which leads to the seaside. From here you will see signs to help you find it, and it won't be long as the pools are less than 1 km from the city center.

A fairly large car park is located just outside.

Rates and opening hours


At GeoSea there are several infinity pools, all connected to each other and large enough to accommodate about fifteen people each. The pools perched on the cliff have a clear view straight out into the Norwegian Sea.

These are very recent and look decidedly modern with their rounded shape.

As in other complexes like this one, after entry, you will go through the changing rooms and showers to reach the pools. The changing rooms offer closed lockers and there is enough space altogether to accommodate 160 people. GeoSea provides shampoo and soap and you can also rent towels and bathrobes.

Inside the complex, there is plenty to eat: on site you will find a fairly well-known restaurant and a bar that offers craft beers.

Opening times

The establishment is open summer and winter but the hours vary slightly:

From 05/01 to 09/30:

  • 11:00AM to 11:00PM

From 10/01 to 04/30:

  • 12:00PM to 10:00PM

Rates (2020)

  • Adult: ISK 4,500
  • Senior/Student/disabled person: 2,900 ISK
  • Children (under 16): 2,000 ISK

It is strongly recommended to book in advance, especially during summer:

Passing through the Husavik region, it would be a real shame not to stop at GeoSea to recharge your batteries in this warm water that comes directly from the Norwegian Sea.

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