The Krysuvikurberg Cliffs

Date 11 June 2023

The Krysuvikurberg Cliffs

The Krysuvikurberg Cliffs

At the southern tip of the Reykjanes peninsula, less than forty kilometers from the capital Reykjavík, you will find the perfect place to observe birdlife: Krysuvikurberg.

It's relatively easy to get to Krysuvikurberg as long as you have a 4x4 vehicle. You'll need to take Road 42 that leads to Krysuvik and Lake Kleifarvatn, and after a few kilometers take 427, which runs along the south coast of the peninsula.

As you drive up Road 42 and turn in the direction of the small town of Grindavik, you'll see a small trail with signs to Krysuvikurberg. This is an unpaved and rather bumpy road with a single and very small ford crossing, but will take you only 5 minutes (about 3 km) to reach the car park from the junction. 

Here you can leave your car and walk right up to the famous cliffs of Krysuvikurberg in less than a minute.

Krysuvikurberg: Cliffs as far as the eye can see


The cliffs of Krysuvikurberg stretch for a total of 15 kilometers along the coast. The view from the car park is already quite stunning, but as you approach the lip of this dramatic landscape you can admire the impressive cliff faces that plunge 50 meters in some places.

One cannot help but notice the red, orange, and black colors of these cliffs, the distinct tones of ancient volcanic stone layers stacking on top each other over several centuries. The Atlantic Ocean eroded clear bite-marks out of this coastline and the distinct mineral strata in these cliffs are impressive to behold. 

Impressive birdlife


A small hiking trail will take you along the cliffs, amid the lush green hills and their sheep, where the bird cries are literally incessant as tens of thousands of them come every summer to nest in these cliffs. The place is reminiscent of the Latrabjarg cliffs in the Northwestern fjords.

Common and thick-billed murres, Atlantic puffins, northern fulmars, razorbills, kittiwakes... this place truly is a bird-watcher's dream. You'll see them on every cliff, nestling into every nook and cranny, and further below if you choose to walk down at the water edge, seals basking right on the shoreline!