Review of our 10 Days in Iceland

Date 07 August 2016

Review of our 10 Days in Iceland

Review of our 10 Days in Iceland

This latest trip to Iceland was again a wonderful experience. The sometimes unpredictable weather wasn't too demoralizing as we managed to adapt our itineraries accordingly.

Among the unforgettable moments of this trip was our adventure on the Westmann Islands, which we just loved, but also the magnificent Fjaðrárgljúfur or the day of hiking in Landmannalaugar. We fondly remember our day in the Snaefellsnes peninsula and its incredible colors, as well as the search for the Brúarfoss waterfall.

This trip was, once again, an opportunity for to meet some great people such as at Hotel A in Hraunfossar or with Jon Tor and Bjarni at the guesthouse in Kjarnholt, probably one of the very best guesthouses we stayed in during our various trips.

We walked a lot during these 10 days, and the children (8 and 3.5 years old) really enjoyed these hiking trails. In the end, few disappointments, only that we wished we had seen the Laki or the Kerlingarfjöll mountains again, which we missed due to the capricious weather.

Regarding the Westman Islands, I think that next time we will try to sleep there, as the afternoon excursion from 12:30 to 6:30PM is a bit tight to see everything there is to see.

I think that in Iceland more than elsewhere, it is important to have a plan B when preparing an itinerary. In our case , it made all the difference to be able to adapt certain days.

2500 km traveled with our Duster rented at Blue Car Rental, as usual, with impeccable service; and just over 100 km on foot! We did a lot during these 10 days. We mixed hotels and guesthouses in terms of accommodation, but we clearly prefer guesthouses for that personal touch.

Of course, we will return to Iceland, focusing onthe North and the North West next time. We went to the Westfjords about 10 years ago but the area is very wild and it is really one of our favorite places in Iceland.