Our Last Day in Reykjavik

Date 11 November 2019

Our Last Day in Reykjavik

Our Last Day in Reykjavik

It was our last day today. We had our flight back in the early afternoon from Keflavik to Bale-Mulhouse. We were swept up in the emotion of it all upon waking up. That morning, the weather was magnificent and the air still.

We went down to the old port on foot, and were surprised to see absolutely no one there early in the morning at 8:30AM. With the beautiful sunshine we wanted to take photos of Reykjavík Bay. We had absolutely magnificent light and the reflections on Harpa's colored windows were a dancing display of amazing colors.

In this absolute peace and quiet the sun finally rose behind the capital's business district, and with only the waves lapping the shore to break the silence.

We stayed almost 1 hour at the port before getting back in the car. Yesterday, while eating at the Glo, we booked a 10AM tour at the Perlan to see the famous “Wonders of Iceland.” We had always been surprised by the appearance of this unique building had never seen the inside. Admission gave us access to an 8K show in the planetarium about the Northern Lights, and then access to the 3 floors of the musem exhibits.

We started with the top floor, which started the tour outside for a breathtaking view of the capital, perhaps the best view of the city.

The show about the auroras lasted about twenty minutes and was super immersive. The Northern Lights phenomenon was very well explained, and the movie, in addition to being visually stunnning, taught us a lot.

We stayed 2 hours on site to explore the different floors that showcased all the natural phenomena of Iceland: ice, icebergs, lava and volcanoes, geothermal energy, tectonic movement, wildlife... All was explained with small animations, sometimes movies, but always in a very fun and interactive manner that kept us riveted.

For example, inside Perlan there is a 100 m long artificial ice cave that you can visit (be warned, it's cold!). We were really delighted by this visit to Perlan; it was a modern, immersive, interactive museum and very kid-friendly as well. A great experience.

It was already noon so we went back to 101 to eat a quick meal before heading back to Keflavik Airport. Once the rental car was returned to BCR, we flew back to Switzerland with a store of unforgettable memories.