Hverir and Namafjall

Date 09 July 2022

Hverir and Namafjall

Hverir and Namafjall

Located in the Lake Myvatn region with its countless tourist attractions, there is one site you can't miss, Namafjall - Hverir.

Very easy to get to, less than 5 kilometers from the small town of Reykjavlíð, Námafjáll is the name of a mountain and at its foot lies Hverir, also called Hverarönd, one of the most fascinating geothermal fields in the country.

Hverir and Namafjall

Getting there couldn't be easier since the site is located along Road number 1 so you won't need to rent a 4x4 vehicle to get there. A large free car park just near Hverarönd, and even as you're parking you will see fumaroles and catch the sharp smell of sulphur as you step out.

The sulphurous aroma is particularly strong here, which can be explained by the high level of activity underfoot, as the magma chamber of this system is only a few kilometers below the Hverir site. This magma chamber, the source of all these fumaroles, vapors and other spectacular phenomena.

Despite the sharp smell on the air, one does get used to it so take your time and enjoy a good hour there to see all the best parts.

Hverir: a land of stunning contrast


The Hverir site features almost all the phenomena typical of volcanic landscapes: solfatares, mud pots, fumaroles...

It's an impressive lunar landscape, the colors of Námafjáll's slopes like a gradient from ocher to sulfur yellow, jet black lava to earthy gray, with a few isolated patches of green moss that seem to glow under a blue sky.

A smoky mist hangs over everything with the powerful smell of sulfur. A small path navigates the site safely, weaving between the bubbling mudpots.

There are danger zones when approaching certain mudpots that reach temperatures over 80°, and it is strongly recommended not to venture off marked trails as the soil is cracked and fragile in places.

These mud pots are in fact formed by rainwater, which then it seeps into the ground to be heated and charged with gas and sulfuric acid. Not the type of clay mask you want anywhere near you.


When the rainwater infiltrates the many minerals, it finally transforms the cracked earth into clay and mud. The steam from some fumaroles can reach 100 °C, and the temperature of the ground itself can rise to over 80 °C in places.

It would be a shame not to take the short and relaxed hiking trail that takes less than an hour to reach the top of Námafjáll. From here you command an extraordinary panoramic view of the Myvatn region, and especially this otherworldly geothermal field at the foot of the mountain.

The place is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and interesting places in the Myvatn region so don't miss your chance to see it.

Given its location, many tourists choose to schedule a pit-stop on the way to the Leirhnjukur - Viti area to relax in the famous Myvatn Nature Baths.