From Hraunfossar to Reykjavik

Date 24 August 2018

From Hraunfossar to Reykjavik

From Hraunfossar to Reykjavik

We left Vatsnes this morning and the weather has been rather gloomy. We're also a little sad because this is our last day in Iceland for this trip.

We planned a stop at Hraunfossar before heading back to the capital. Literally named “the lava falls”, this site is a series of small waterfalls, the water an astonishing turquoise blue, that cascade over a few hundred meters.

These falls are particularly photogenic and make for beautiful shots. The same site is also home to another waterfall, Barnafoss, this one made infamous by the story of the child that fell to death in its frigid waters.

After a quick picnic near Husafell, we left the region and head towards the capital, hoping for sunnier weather. Unfortunately, the weather decided otherwise. We arrived in the city center in the middle of a thunderstorm and had to adapt our afternoon schedule.

We ended up "taking shelter” in Reykjavík's premium shopping mallKringlan. The weather gave us the perfect excuse, or rather opportunity, to explore the shopping cehter.

Gift shops, Scandinavian decor, local brands, this mall has everything you could ask for. Spread over 3 floors, it was the perfect place to spend 2 hours shopping while waiting for the rain to stop.

Luckily the weather improved by the end of the afternoon, which gave us an opportunity to at long last walk the streets of Reykjavík without huddling under an umbrella. Laugavegur Street of course, but then we continued up to Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral and Lake Tjornin.

The next day our flight was leaving very early to Geneva, so we decided on one last drink at the Kaffibrennslan.