The Hveravellir Hot Springs

Date 09 April 2022

The Hveravellir Hot Springs

The Hveravellir Hot Springs

The F35 track, the famous “Kjölur”, is the one that takes you North from the Golden Circle region, but it also takes you to a unique nature reserve: Hveravellir.

Completely isolated about halfway across the 200 kilometer stretch of the F35 trail, Hveravellir is like a geothermal oasis in the middle of the Kjölur Desert.

How to get to this remote oasis in the heart of the highlands


Photo Credit: Patrick Lauffs @fotolia

Located between two glaciers, Langjökull and Hofsjökull, Hveravellir is your rest and relaxation pit stop when off-road driving across the highlands of Iceland. Hveravellir is technically accessible to conventional vehicles, but a 4x4 vehicle is still highly recommended driving on the F35 as there have been in accidents in places.

The F35 is often used by tourists who want to reach North Iceland from the Golden Circle. This trail serves some great destinations like  Kerlingarfjoll and, of course, Hveravellir. You can also book a day-trip with a guide from Akureyri to Hveravellir and Kerlingarfjoll.

In summer the bus company SBA-Nordurleid, line 610, offers a regular bus service to Hveravellir. Departure from Reykjavík and/or Akureyri at 08AM.

South — North route:

  • Departure from Reykjavík at 08AM
  • Stop at Hveragerdi at 8:45AM
  • Selfoss at 9:00AM
  • Geysir at 09:45AM for a departure at 10:15AM
  • Gullfoss at 10:30AM for a departure at 10:50AM
  • Arrival in Hveravellir at 01:10PM

It is possible to get off the bus to enjoy Hveravellir where you can spend one or more nights. 

North — South route:

  • Departure from Akureyri at 08:00AM
  • Arrival in Hveravellir at 11:15AM
  • Departure to Reykjavík at midday
  • Arrival at 05PM after short stops in Gullfoss and Geysir.

A magnificent geothermal area


Photo Credit: Fyle @fotolia

Wooden footbridges basically lay out a path for you to stay on track and avoid walking through the mud, so you don't damage the site's very fragile soil. This tour is truly like stepping onto another planet, with incredibly vivid colours reminiscent of Krysuvik, Geysir, and Hverir.

Expect small geysers, fumaroles and crystalline blue hot spring waters. Hveravellir is known for its unique natural geothermal pool that is large enough to accommodate twenty people. This particular pool is among the most famous in Iceland.

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This remote spa resort is a perfect place to rest your travel-weary bones and bask in 38° water. There are hiking trails nearby to reach the Langjökull glacier or even Rjupnafell, Thjofadalir, and Jökulkrok.

You can also take longer hikes to Lake Hvitarvatn for example, or take the magnificent trail that goes around the Langjökull glacier to the Hallmundarhraun lava fields and finally to Husafell. And if you don't feel like walking, you can even explore the region on horseback along dedicated horse riding trails.

Accommodation at Hveravellir

Even though most travelers are only just passing through Hveravellir for a few hours on the way to Kjölur, you can (and should!) stay overnight.

Two establishments are available for accommodation in Hveravellir itself: one has 33 rooms with Sleeping Bag Accommodation, while the other can accommodate 20 people in 3 separate rooms.

In summer, these places have full board options too.