From Bildudalur to Isafjörður

Date 26 June 2006

From Bildudalur to Isafjörður

From Bildudalur to Isafjörður
  • Day: Monday, June 26th
  • Weather: Cloudy, 9 °C
  • Distance in kilometers: 290 km

Today we went to Selardalur, a small village in the middle of nowhere on the edge of the world. In this remote town you'll find a rather eccentric local church and some fascinating sculptures that stand next to the ruins of a farm abandoned since 1970. After touring this historic area, our next stop was the Dynjandi waterfall.

Musée du pecheur Osvor

It's useful to know that when coming from Patresksförður, don't take the first road with the sign indicating Dynjandi as this one just goes to the river of the same name. The waterfall is located a few kilometers down the road.

Roughly shaped like a pyramid, the Dynjandi waterfall is a thing of beauty and an impressive sight, visible for miles so you really can't miss it.

Our next stop was the Fisherman's Museum in Osvör near Bolungarvik. The museum exhibits are fascinating and a local fisherman even gave us a guided tour to show us what life as a fisherman in Iceland was like in the early last century. (Admission Rates are 400 ISK per person).

This region is dotted with small huts where fishermen dry their catch before smoking it, visible along the roads. We continue our journey to Isafjörður where we discover an Icelandic tunnel, which is quite unique: single lane, over several kilometers, and expect a fright when you come face to face with an 18-wheeler truck!

Isafjörður is a charming little town and a great place to stock up on supplies for the road. Locals here are in fact not used to tourists, as this region, far from road number 1, is often overlooked by tour companies.

This was our last stop before returning to our guesthouse Veg Gisting in Sudureyri. Our hosts have been particularly friendly and even let us sample some Gröenland halibut, which was absolutely delicious.