From Isafjörður to Vatnsnes

Date 26 June 2006

From Isafjörður to Vatnsnes

From Isafjörður to Vatnsnes
  • Day: Tuesday, June 27 
  • Weather: Grey 8° then Sunny 15 °C
  • Distance in kilometers: 600 km

We started the day with an unforgettable breakfast at the Sudureyri Guesthouse: homemade Skyr with strawberry and smoked fish. The fish was fresh-caught by the fisherman who lived next door to the Guesthouse.

In fact, the whole city smelled of smoked fish. We then set off for the “Djùp” passage, short for Isafjörðjùp, a stunning series of fjords. Along the way we even noticed a few seals frolicking in the waters of the Isafjörðjúp.

The next region on our itinerary is renowned for being the capital of Icelandic witchcraft. Museums like the ones in Kluka or Hòlmavìk retrace the magical practices used by the mythological heroes of the Sagas to defeat their enemies.

In fact, the one in Hòlmavìk contains a recently-discovered stone that was used during witchcraft rituals. Analyses revealed traces of blood , adn along with the shape of the stone indicated that it had been used as a container for collecting blood during sacrifices... We then headed to Hvammstangi, the famous seal capital of the country.

Soleil de minuit

In fact, at the “Seal House”, you can pick up a map of the Vatnsnes Peninsula that lists the best places to observe these animals, and all recommendations and guidelines in order not to frighten them.

It is in Hindisvìk that we decided to stop for a picnic opposite a magnificent landscape. It felt like another planet entirely, the sun reflected in the water bathing us in the most incredible light.

The only noises that reach us are the sounds of birds and the waves breaking on the rocks. Alone in front of the midnight sun, we are surrounded by wilderness with seals, eiders, terns, and oyster-magpies... A truly unforgettable moment.