Landmannaulagar and its Region

Date 04 July 2006

Landmannaulagar and its Region

Landmannaulagar and its Region
  • Day: Tuesday, July 04 
  • Weather: Rain and wind, 8 °C
  • Distance in kilometers: 400 km

It was under heavy rain that we started our day... We started with a visit to the pretty town of Vík and its church perched on a hill. At the city exit we took an off-road trail reserved for 4x4 vehicles which led to the top of a cliff where a colony of puffins posed for our photos.

There were hundreds of them and we still managed to take nice photos despite the rain, fog, and wind... We then went to the black sand beach not far from Vík (Reynir - Halsanefs Hellir).

The sea was in a somber mood and sent huge waves crashing against the rocks. A little further on, we stopped at Dyrhòlaey, a magnificent site with and the sea view you won't see very often. Beautiful, but probably more so in the sunshine...

Walking along the south coast towards the West, about thirty kilometers away from Road number 1 lies Skogafoss, a splendid waterfall that was well worth a stop. In the evening, we slept in Fluðir and decided to take a detour to Landmannalaugar via the 26 to the South, then the F225.


The start of the journey was no problem, and the splendid landscapes of the Landmannalaugar region began to reveal themselves after a few kilometers on the F225. The Hekla volcano on our right was hidden in the mist and the sky was heavily overcast. It was a awe-inspiring landscape, forbidding and lost in the middle of nowhere.

The first difficulties began after a dozen kilometers on the F225, after leaving the 26, with the appearance of the first fords to cross. The rain that had fallen all night and much of the day had caused the rivers to swell, and we were worried about the passage of the first one which was particularly impressive: the water was cloudy, and there seemed to be holes in the road surface...

But the current was weak so we decided to check the height of the water by crossing it...on foot! Luckily, we were not alone; an American couple joined us at that moment. Linking arms, it's always more reassuring to cross a ford with others to help you...

After checking, we decided it was doable and we finally managed without too much difficulty. A few fords later, we arrived at the Landmannalaugar campsite, where a few brave people swam in the hot springs despite the rain and wind.

The site was truly fantastic, despite the weather. We left by the F208 heading north to catch up with the 26, which allowed us to reach Fluðir in a torrent of rain.