The Egilsstaðir Area

Date 01 July 2006

The Egilsstaðir Area

The Egilsstaðir Area
  • Day: Saturday, July 1st 
  • Weather: Gray, 9° then Sunny, 17 °C
  • Distance in kilometers: 400 km

We started our day with a short tour of the famous site of Kárahnjúkar, wanting to see for ourselves the work and progress of the construction site which had been generating so much controversy in the country.

Many roads were not accessible, closed to the public, so we got as close as possible by following the authorized route. Witnessing the incessant ballet of excavators and dozers destroying everything in their path, we understood the reaction of the island's inhabitants... It was a tragic sight.

To lift our spirits, we decided to head not far away to Snaefell. After crossing several fords, we found ourselves in a heavenly landscape surrounded by partially snowy mountains covered in green moss...


Next, we ventured as close as possible to the Hengifoss waterfall. To get there, we needed a good half-hour or more as the entire trail (about 5 km round trip) is uphill!

This magnificent waterfall stands 118 meters high, its cliffs of basalt streaked with layers of red clay. After this walk, we made a stop in Egilsstaðir to do some shopping and have a meal. The weather was clearing up, and the temperatures were getting warmer.

The sunshine was a real treat keeping us warm throughout our crossing of the Eastern Fjords. In fact, with good weather the fjords, and especially the slopes of the Dyrfjöll mountain, look even more magnificent, dazzling colors with various shades of green and brown, all contrasting against the bright blue sky and sea.

In this magical setting, we decided to stop at Seyðisfjörður, a small, charming, and vibrant village. Although there wasn't much to do, simply strolling through its streets was enough to appreciate the peaceful atmosphere of this village. Afterward, we made our way back calmly to our Guesthouse in Hallormsstaður, where we took one last walk in the forest.