The Myvatn Tour

Date 29 June 2006

The Myvatn Tour

The Myvatn Tour
  • Day: Thursday, June 29
  • Weather: Sunny, 16 °C
  • Distance in kilometers: 200 km

After an electronic problem with our Hyundai, we reached out to the Avis agency in Akureyri, who kindly offered to exchange our car. This time we got a white Santa Fe. We started our day with a visit to the majestic Goðafoss waterfall.

Despite the many tourists, we made the most of the sunny weather to capture some stunning photos. The rainbow gracefully arching over the waterfall created the most beautiful effect. Next, we decided to explore the surroundings of Lake Myvatn, beginning with the southern part of the lake. Our first stop was at Skútustaðir, where we took a short walk around the cratered landscape. Continuing our journey, we made our way to the Hòfði forest.

Forests in Iceland are rare and surprising to see, especially in such a deserted landscape. Shortly after, we rediscovered the lunar landscapes of Hverfjall. As we ascended the mountain, light rain began to fall on Myvatn.

From the top, the landscape was splendid, with the mountains displaying unique colors. Some adventurous tourists even ventured into the heart of the crater, where numerous inscriptions could be found. After a brief visit to Grjòtagja, a cave with sulfur water, we headed to the Nàmafjall site, a renowned geothermal area. Here, the smell of sulfur was almost overpowering and the ground was alive with various geothermal phenomena.

It felt like being in a pot with smoke rising from the earth's depths, bubbling mud, and soil oozing out in places. The site was surrounded by beautiful mountains adorned with shades of red and ochre. Following that, we made our way to the volcanic zone of Krafla, specifically to Leirhnjúkur, which truly felt like being in a giant barbecue!

Myvatn Nature Baths

The path passes through the black lava patches and in some places we could even see smoke escaping from between the stones - the effect was striking. Very close by, we encountered the magnificent Vitì crater. A blue lake lay at the bottom of it, and the snow had not yet completely melted at that time of the year, creating a splendid contrast of colors.

Following the recommendation of the Backpacker Guide, we decided to stop and eat at Vogafjòs Barn. The restaurant was easily recognizable near Vogar, marked by a sign in the shape of a cow. Interestingly, the restaurant was built right in the middle of a stable!

While enjoying local specialties, such as smoked trout from Myvatn or bread baked in lava fields, we could also watch the cows being milked in a special enclosure.

After all the day's adventures, we concluded with a relaxing swim in the Myvatn Nature Baths in Jarboðin, just a few kilometers from the lake. For 1,100 ISK, we got to swim in 40 °C waters, indulge in the sauna and steam room, all while sipping a drink under the midnight sun (the establishment stays open until midnight during the summer). Truly unforgettable.